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How Do I Know my Car Needs an Oil Change?

Does your car’s exhaust smell sort of off? Is your fuel economy slowly diminishing? Does your engine overheat on long drives? Any of these problems could be caused by not getting an oil change when your car really needs it. You may be surprised at how often your car needs to have its oil and oil filter changed. Continue reading for advice about oil changes.

Can I Change My Oil Myself?

Anyone should be able to change their own oil, but not everyone wants to. It takes some equipment and know-how. Many people choose to leave the process of changing their oil to professionals either to save time or because they like to get their tires rotated at the same time.

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How Do I Find the Right Oil and Filter for my Car?

That book in your glove box should help you find the right oil and filter. If you lost your owner’s manual or if you aren’t near it right now, a quick internet search will usually take you right to a guide. Trust guides from the same automaker that built your car or ones printed or uploaded by the oil producer.

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How Long Can I Go Between Oil Changes?

Natural motor oil can only last a few thousand miles before it should be changed. Synthetics can take a bit more wear and tear, but most cars should receive oil change attention every 9,000 km. The older the vehicle, the shorter the time you should spend between changes. Oil loses its ability to protect engine parts the older it gets. You can’t just add new oil to old oil forever because particles and debris that get suspended in old oil need to be drained out to keep your engine in good working order.

Where Should I Go to Get my Oil Changed?

Red Deer Mitsubishi will always be happy to see you bring in your car for an oil change. You can get a tire rotation and get some insight into how much longer your tires, brake pads, and various other fluids will last. You can schedule an appointment online anytime, or you can call (833) 331-0263. We hope to see you and your car soon!